We have an ongoing need for people to help with volunteer coordinating, fundraising, casework, social media and mentoring. We need the most help right now with fundraising as without funds, this project will simply not survive for much longer. You would not be rattling tins on the high street but rather helping us research private donors or corporate sponsors or organising sponsored events - or, if you write, helping with funding applications. We are not likely to ask you to directly engage with funders - unless you are good at that sort of thing and want to get involved! You would be working from home as part of a small team and your input would be invaluable. If you genuinely want to help, please, sign up here .

One of the things we have found when placing Syrian refugees is that they need access to support and information to help them integrate.  We have added a RESOURCES section to the website and need to build this into a really useful resource for our guests. You can help us crowdsource this valuable information and add it to our forthcoming Services directories.

The Services Directories will initially be displayed as simple lists but our aim is to publish this information as interactive maps. The categories we have identified are:

• Banking
• Community Services
• Coffee Shops
• Education
• Food
• Shopping
• Recreation
• Employment
• Language
• Religion

So please, sign up here so that you can contribute to this great resource and help make a real difference to people's lives