Case Studies

Ghassan is a 30 year old Syrian graduate and qualified accountant. He is the father of two little girls, one of whom he hasn't actually met. He spent two years living in England applying for his refugee status. Jessica and Jens Lerche and their three teenage children had just moved to a new, larger house when they first registered with Homes for Syrians. They were our first hosts and continue to accommodate Ghassan while he prepares for his family to join him.

Kamal is a 28 year old Syrian from Aleppo. He studied law in Syria and Lebanon, and worked as a mobile phone technician. Since moving to London, Kamal has been focusing on improving his English, building his network and applying to jobs. David and Julia are both 30 and recently married. David is a lawyer, originally from Derby. He loves rugby and played in Spain for a season. Julia works for a bank, she is half French and half English and grew up just outside Paris.