Who we can help

If you are a Syrian refugee (single or couple) who has been granted a Leave to Remain and have registered unsuccessfully for social housing, then we can try and help you find accommodation as a guest in someone's home. We may not be able to find you a place exactly where you want to live but we will try. Unless there is a really good reason why you should not leave your dispersal area, such as a future family reunion where you may lose your automatic right to free housing, we would urge you to be as flexible as possible.  

Not only can our kind hosts offer a roof over your head, but many are prepared to help with food, your share of bills such a council tax, gas and electricity and helping you to integrate - this can include language, culture, enroling on courses, finding a job or just offering support and encouragement. Most of all they want you to feel safe and welcome in the UK. Our hope is that you will be able to integrate more fully and become positive members of our society.

We only ask that you remember that you are guest in their home and behave repectfully at all times - we are sure that you will.

How to apply

We need you to REGISTER HERE and upload photographs or scans of both side of your Residence Permit. The pictures need to be taken directly from above against a white background such as a sheet of paper. They need to be clear and not obstructed and all sides must be visible within the frame.

We will validate your Residence Permit with the Home Office using an online checking tool.  We receive a PDF document with your photograph, confirmation of your refugee status and no other personal details. The validation is usually completed by the end of the next working day, Monday to Friday.  Unfortunately we cannot consider helping you until we have received this confirmation.

Once this is complete, we will need to speak with you in person and can do this in English or arrange for one of our Syrian colleagues to speak to you. We will need a clear and accurate picture of your position and some background information for our records and to share with prospective hosts. 


The maximum time we can help you  find accommodation for is 6 months and this may be in one, two or three different homes. Unfortunately we cannot assist vulnerable people or children at the moment as the level of support is too much to expect from our hosts.  Also, for married men who are expecting their families to join them later, we can only help you up to the point that your family arrive.